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Independent Psychiatry has built its reputation on providing comprehensive, efficient and reliable services for businesses across the UK. We offer assessment, management advice and full psychiatric reports in line with up-to-date local and national guidelines.

Criminal Reports

Our team of psychiatrists are able to provide psychiatric reports for criminal cases. We can assess fitness to plea and instruct, sanity at the time of offence, fitness for prison, vulnerable witnesses and are able to provide expert witness services. We can also offer specialist forensic psychiatric assessments.

Asylum Hearings

Independent Psychiatry is able to provide professional psychiatric reports for client’s submission or appeal for asylum claims as well as assess the impact deportation could have on their mental health. In addition, our psychiatrists are all trained in recognising symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Benefits Appeals

We have experts with considerable experience in providing professional psychiatric assessments of clients appealing benefit decisions, including Employment Support Allowance, Disability Living Allowance and Work Capability Assessments, and take pride in our compassionate and thorough reports.


We have experts who provide comprehensive and efficient incapacity assessments for Welfare and Financial Guardianships under the Adults with Incapacity Act, having provided in excess of 230 guardianship assessments last year in Scotland. We are aware of the statutory timescales and thus provide the flexibility to turn around reports within tight deadlines. We can usually assess clients wherever they are based, including care homes, hospitals and home visits.

Personal Injury

Our team of psychiatrists have amassed a wealth of experience in producing high quality medico-legal reports to assist individuals who have suffered traumatic experiences which have led to psychological and psychiatric distress, including medical negligence, childhood abuse and road traffic accidents amongst others.

Mental Health Act Detentions

We provide independent psychiatric reports for clients subject to detention under the Mental Health Act, including both Short-Term Detentions and Compulsory Treatment Orders (CTO). We address whether the criteria for detention are met, that guiding principles are being adhered to and that the least restrictive options have been given due consideration.

Action For Eviction

We are able to assess the mental health of individuals facing eviction from their home and repossession, and the impact this will have on their mental health.


We are able to assess testamentary capacity to make or change a will.


Our experts are able to provide reports on eligibility to drive on psychiatric backgrounds and can provide advice based on current DVLA guidelines.

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